The Luxeva warranty covers the repair or replacement (at Luxeva’s discretion) of the product in case your Luxeva device malfunctions due to faulty materials or workmanship during the warranty period. In case any of the parts are out of stock (eg certain color options); Luxeva will replace the part in question with a new one in working condition. Your legal rights are not affected by this warranty.

Luxeva devices are designed and manufactured to provide continuous high performance for indoor and outdoor use. If a Luxeva device is used for its intended purpose and fails during the warranty period, it is our responsibility to repair or replace that device.
However; There may also be cases where the Luxeva warranty does not cover device repair or replacement. These points are listed below and brought to your attention:

  • • Normal wear and tear, including parts that may wear out over time (eg control knobs, dust cover, batteries, etc.).
        • Accidental damage.
        • Malfunctions caused by voltage sources that do not comply with the values ​​specified on the product label.
        • Damage caused by failure to perform recommended device maintenance.
        • Damage from external sources such as transportation, weather, power outages or surges.
        • Malfunctions beyond Luxeva’s control.
        • Malfunctions caused by:
            ◦ Use of the device other than for its intended purpose, without maintenance or carelessness;
            ◦ The heater is not used in accordance with the Luxeva User Manual;
            ◦ Use of the Luxeva device outside the normal household power grid in the country of purchase.
            ◦ Using parts that have not been assembled or installed in accordance with Luxeva instructions.
            ◦ Using parts and accessories that are not Genuine Luxeva Parts.
            ◦ Incorrect assembly or installation (except those carried out by Luxeva).
            ◦ Repairs or modifications made by persons other than Luxeva or its authorized representatives.

If you have any questions about the scope of the Luxeva warranty, we will be happy to assist you. You can reach us free of charge by calling 0212 471 02 03.

The terms and conditions of the Luxeva warranty are as follows:
    • The warranty takes effect on the date of purchase (or delivery date, if later).
    • Your delivery/purchase documents must be ready before the operations to be performed on your device under warranty. Please note that transactions made without these documents will be charged a fee. Please always keep your purchase invoice or delivery form.
    • All transactions will be handled by Luxeva or its authorized representatives.
    • Replaced parts will become the property of Luxeva.
    • The time spent in repairing your device under warranty will be added to the warranty period. The maximum repair time is 20 working days. If the defect cannot be rectified within 10 working days, Luxeva is obliged to make another product with similar features available to the consumer.
    • Warranty provides fringe benefits that are in addition to your legal rights and do not affect your legal rights as a consumer.

If you have any questions, you can contact us free of charge at 0212 471 02 03.

The warranty becomes effective on the date of purchase of your Luxeva device or, if later, on the date of delivery.

  • In case the Luxeva branded device is sold outside of TURKEY, this warranty will be valid only on the condition that the device is used in the country where it was sold.
  • If the Luxeva branded device is sold in TURKEY or within the EU, this warranty is valid only if (i) the device is used in the country where it was sold or (ii) the device is used in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain or the United Kingdom and will only apply if the same model is sold at the same voltage rating in the relevant country.
    If you take your Luxeva branded device abroad, the warranty may be void. However, we will do our best to assist you in your new country of residence.
    If you have any questions, you can contact us free of charge at 0212 471 02 03.
  • Luxeva warranties are transferable with the device. However, for this, the original proof of purchase from the authorized dealer must be submitted, along with documents proving that the device is in good and working condition for all ownership changes to the device.
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