Who We Are & What We Do

Our company started its activities in the heating and built-in sector in Istanbul. Our company, which is young, dynamic and has so much experience, has gained strength with its R&D experience based on many years. The fact that the products are efficient, aesthetic, ergonomic and environmentalist attracts attention in the European, African and Far East markets.

Our company, which closely follows the developments in the sector in order to make our institutionality and prestige feel more, is expanding its product range through all our designs. In this way, our customer portfolio increases the quality and reputation.

In addition, our use of high quality materials in the production of all our products, especially our carbon heaters, positions our company among the leading manufacturers in the relevant sectors.

We produce all our products with a special interest

As Luxeva team, each product from production to marketing, all our staff approaches with a special care and attention. We’re doing a production with a high sense for the quality of our products.