Thermostat Type

LXV 1800 and LXV 2200 Carbon Heater

LXV 1800 and LXV 2200 Carbon Heaters are designed to provide efficient and high performance. It has an aesthetic appearance with aluminum body design. The heat-sensitive capillary thermostat provides a comfortable environment by keeping the environment at the desired temperature. It is a high-quality product that will be used for long years with its tilt safety, easy to carry design and dust cover.

Environmentally friendly

Technicial Specifications

  • Height: 960 mm
  • Width: 405 mm
  • Depth: 357 mm
  • Supply voltage: 220 ~ 240 V AC
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz, single phase
  • Max power: LXV 1800: 2000 W – LXV 2200: 2500 W
  • Heating area: LXV 1800:22m² – LXV 2200:25m²
  • Size of package: 980x159x233 mm
  • Outside box size(6 pcs): 995x500x495 mm
  • Weight: 4,2kg
Knitted Carbon Flament
Easy to carry
Aluminum Body
Special Dust Cover